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“Vending Machines Go Beyond Candy and Chips” by Jackie Crosby, Los Angeles Times

Minneapolis – Karla Rendon stood in front of the vending machine at Maplewood Mall in St. Paul, Minn., staring at an assortment of items – diapers, baby wipes, sippy cups, bottles, grape juice and diaper rash ointment. Just what a mother shopping with her 13-month-old baby needed. “I wish...

“Machine Shop” by Tama Underwood, Promotional Products Business Magazine

When approaching a vending machine, we all expect to find the usual suspects inside – potato chips, candy bars and other light bites. Imagine, however, if you walked up to a glass-enclosed display and inside found logoed apparel and merchandise instead of the high-calorie treats you expected. Ruffled potato...

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