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Network Architecture

Web-Based Software

Unlike some other vending based inventory management solutions, IVS uses modern web technologies to provide real-time access to your data. Generating usage reports, setting restrictions on inventory usage, deploying new machines and most other management operations require nothing more than an internet connection and a modern web browser. No extra software to purchase, install or keep updated means that you can focus on what the data means instead of how the system works.

Real-Time Back-End Management Software Solutions

IVS provides future-proof software and hardware to meet the needs of the modern automated retail industry. We work hard to produce affordable, easy to use software and hardware that will help you save money. With this software, you can receive inventory alerts, machine health status updates, inventory levels, sales data by location, payment types, employee ID badges, and even change pricing. For more information on our back-end management, please visit our Remote Management tab under Technology.

IVS Hardware

The heart of the IVS system is our custom vending machine control board that works in a variety of our machines and has many modern features. Each control board has an RJ45 network connection port that allows our machines to talk directly to our hosted software or point of sale systems that have utilized our back-end system. Each board also supports DEX, credit card hardware, keypads, various card readers (RFID, magnetic stripe, barcode, etc.), biometric devices/fingerprint scanners, and many other custom extensions.

Point-of-Sale GUI Software

IVS provides a hosted, web based front-end touch screen software system that gives you the capability to control your front-end remotely. All you need to access your front-end platform is an active internet connection and a modern web browser. Remotely upload new product images/descriptions, videos/static advertisements, change pricing, run sales promotions, capture email and more. Each GUI is customized for the brand/image/color combinations of each specific client.

Credit Card Processing

The IVS Control Board supports credit card merchant processing through a dedicated gateway server. Our PCI compliant software is written to a dedicated gateway, which will support most of the major platform merchant accounts. This will allow you to utilize your current merchant processor on your machine. We do not require you to utilize a specific merchant processor.

ID Badge Scanning & Other Peripherals

The IVS Control Board supports the use of RFID and NFC readers, including employee ID badges, biometric fingerprint scanning, and Google Wallet applications. Our smart software is supported by a dedicated back-end, which will support inventory management control as well as other technological peripherals. This will allow you to remotely monitor product dispensing, set limitations on who can receive what product, and accept non-traditional forms of payment/ID verification. This works with almost a variety of different badges and payment applications, from universities to the medical field.

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