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Remote Management

IVS provides future-proof software and hardware to meet the needs of the modern automated retail industry. We work hard to produce affordable, easy to use software and hardware that will help you save money. With this software, you can change pricing, receive inventory alerts, machine health status updates, inventory levels, sales data by location, payment types, employee ID badges and more.

Secure Networking

Machine data is available online round the clock and is accessible through a secure, dedicated online portal. The same back-end network portal is used and custom-configured based on your product deliverables, whether it’s apparel, footwear, medical supplies, electronics, tools, or IT products/office supplies.

Adjust Inventory

Remotely view and adjust inventory levels of any machine in your network. Create pick lists based on how much product is needed to fill the machine to capacity. This allows for minimized trips to the machine location and will stream-line product fulfillment.


Change preferences on your account on a 24-hour basis. Generate sales reports, run usage reports on employees, restrict user controls, and set alerts (low product, out-of-stock, loss of internet, etc.) This allows the user to set preferences for a single machine or group of machines in their network.

Usage Reports

Generate up to the second usage reports remotely. Determine what is out of stock, what is not selling, what employees are checking out which items, etc. Reports can be exported as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file.

Machine Health

See what your machine is doing in real-time. View which slots are critically low, internet connectivity problems, motor issues, coin jams, etc. This enables you to determine any issues with a machine that may need to be fixed immediately.

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